Stay Home and Stay Healthy

Dear Seattle:

Wow, these past few weeks have been weird, to say the least. We know that many of you are concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19), and rest assured, we are too! We’re monitoring the evolving situation, following guidance from the CDC and local officials, and updating our procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and team.

Our top priority is your health and safety. Here are the proactive steps we are currently taking:

Your food is safe:

There is no current evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted via food. Although there is no confirmed relevant risk associated with food delivery and it is on the Governor’s list of essential services that will continue through the lockdown,  Savor Seattle has partnered with local restaurants to provide commercial kitchen space. Within these kitchens, the teams have placed extra emphasis on already stringent food safety practices. Every single person handling products and boxes wears protective gloves and everyone has been trained on how to properly washing their hands as well as safe food handling practices.

Our delivery drivers are taking extra precautions:

Your delivery will be dropped at your doorstep and you’ll receive a text or email (depending on your preference) that your box has been delivered. We are not ringing doorbells or unnecessarily touching anything other than your ordered items directly. We are also changing gloves after every delivery. Although there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through packaging, we continue to be meticulous in our efforts of sanitation of all delivery items.

This situation changes regularly and we are committed to providing you with up-to-date information on our food delivery services. We appreciate you helping to support local restaurants and Pike Place Market vendors through this unprecedented time. Thank you for being a loyal customer of Savor Seattle.

Stay safe & wash your hands!

Angela Shen

Founder and CEO