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Box of Fresh Fruits & Veggies

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A REALLY full CSA-style box of fresh produce from Frank's Quality Produce, featuring the best fruits and veggies at the peak of their season. The assortment and variety will change from week to week depending upon the week's box theme as well as the seasons.

This full-size Iconic Market Box includes enough produce to feed a family of four for about a week and is included in every "the Works" size Iconic Market Box. "Classic" size Iconic Market Boxes come with a smaller assortment. 

Additional produce boxes are available for add-on to any box delivery order. 


Tuesday, Oct. 13th - Friday, Oct. 16th

Fall is in the air! Warm your bellies with comfort foods. Fall's best veggies and fruits including rainbow chard, Brussels sprouts, beefsteak tomatoes, blood oranges, satsumas, apples, pears, and more! 


Tuesday, Oct. 20th - Friday, Oct. 23rd
Bring a gourmet boost to your pizza party with sweet figs, pineapple, romaine for a Ceasar salad, beefsteak tomatoes, new crop apples and pears, and more!


Tuesday, Oct. 27th - Friday, Oct. 30th
Everything you need to whip up amazing guacamole (recipe included), tacos, and cute porch decor with an adorable sugar pumpkin! Witch finger grapes, sweet apples, pears, and more as usual.


Tuesday, Nov. 3rd - Friday, Nov. 6th
Love wine tasting? Then some of these specialty fruits will tickle your fancy! We won't spoil the surprise here. Enjoy hearty sides to go with your Italian feast including broccolini, cremini mushrooms, red leaf salad, tomatoes, and more.

Photos shown are for illustrative purposes. Occasionally products may need to be modified due to supply chain concerns, or so that Frank can feature a fresh or seasonal produce item that just came in. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding!