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Two delicious Pacific NW fish options: wild Alaskan Coho salmon and Alaskan halibut.

Wild Alaskan Coho salmon
Enjoy wild Alaskan Coho salmon from the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest. Hand-filleted with bones removed by the salmon experts, SeaBear Smokehouse. Coho is known for its mild broadly appealing flavor and large flakes when cooked. 

Alaskan halibut
Alaskan halibut is the world's premium whitefish. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and unique firm texture. These halibut fillets are sourced throughout Southeast Alaska and Cook Inlet and are from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified supplier, ensuring that Corfini Gourmet's halibut can be traced back to a sustainable fishery. 

Both options come individually packaged and flash-frozen to maintain quality, flavor and nutrients, so you can enjoy them whenever you want, all year long. Individual dinner-sized portions of (2) 6oz. fillets per order.