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Election Hangover Box - Shipped Nationwide

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Preparation is the key to success.

No matter what the outcome of Election Night is, it's likely you will be nursing a wicked hangover if you did things right! Here's everything you'll need to get through the next morning like a champ. 

An alcoholic version of this box is also available for local delivery

$5.00 of every box sold will be donated to Rock the Vote, building political power for young voters. 

Shipping will occur on Friday, Oct. 30th, and Nov. 6th. Order cut-off for each delivery day is 1pm PST the day prior. 

What's in the Election Hangover Box:

  • Demitri's – Bloody Mary Seasoning - Classic Recipe (8oz.)
  • Savor Seattle  Pretty Alright cocktail napkins
  • Sable & Rosenfeld  Garlic and dill cocktail stirrers
    Each stirrer comes pre-skewered with a dill pickle, red pepper, olive, and carrot 
  • Sriracha  Hot Himalayan pink salt rimshot
  • Sriracha – Spicy meat sticks
  • Urban City Coffee – Broadway Blend whole bean coffee
  • Honest Biscuits – Biscuit mix
  • Sidhu Farms Strawberry jam
  • Sunny Honey  Blackberry honey 


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